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P2P XQuery and the StreetTiVo application



MonetDB/XQuery* is a fully functional publicly available XML DBMS that has
been extended with distributed and P2P data management functionality.
Our (minimal) XQuery language extension XRPC adds the
concept of RPC to XQuery, and we outlined our approach to include
the services offered by diverse P2P network structures (such as DHTs),
in a way that avoids any further intrusion in the XQuery language and semantics.
We also discussed the StreetTiVo application were mxq is
being used for data management in a large P2P environment.
new construct called XRPC.

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Keywords: Distributed XQuery, P2P, DHT
Seminar: 06431 - Scalable Data Management in Evolving Networks
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 30.03.2007

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