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Acquisition of Performance Parameters in Race-Bike Training



We develop methods for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization of performance parameters in endurance sports with emphasis on competitive cycling. For this purpose we created a bicycle simulator based on a Cyclus 2 ergometer and our own PC-based control software. The main components of the simulation are: - a computer controlled pedal resistance according to the height profile of a cycling track - the recording and visualization of training data measurements (speed, cadence, power, heart rate, heightprofile etc.) - and a video display of the cycling track that shows the current position. Our goal is to familiarize cyclists with unknown tracks and optimize their performance by means of training control and performance prediction based on physiological models

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Keywords: Race-bike, ergometer, physiological modeling
Seminar: 08372 - Computer Science in Sport - Mission and Methods
Issue date: 2008
Date of publication: 20.11.2008

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