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Multimodality in Pervasive Environment



Future pervasive environments are expected to immerse users in a consistent world of probes, sensors and actuators. Multimodal interfaces combined with social computing interactions and high-performance networking can foster a new generation of pervasive environments. However, much work is still needed to harness the full potential of multimodal interaction. In this paper we discuss some short-term research goals, including advanced techniques for joining and correlating multiple data flows, each with its own approximations and uncertainty models. Also, we discuss some longer term objectives, like providing users with a mental model of their own multimodal "aura", enabling them to collaborate with the network infrastructure toward inter-modal correlation of multimodal inputs, much in the same way as the human brain extracts a single self-conscious experience from multiple sensorial data flows.

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Keywords: Pervasive Environment, Uncertainty
Seminar: 10042 - Semantic Challenges in Sensor Networks
Issue date: 2010
Date of publication: 07.06.2010

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