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Weitere Beteiligte (Hrsg. etc.): Nuno Bandeira and Lennart Martens

Computational Proteomics (Dagstuhl Seminar 19351)



This report documents the program and the outcomes of Dagstuhl Seminar 19351 ``Computational Proteomics''. The Seminar was originally built around four topics, identification and quantification of DIA data; algorithms for the analysis of protein cross-linking data; creating an online view on complete, browsable proteomes from public data; and detecting interesting biology from proteomics findings. These four topics were led to four correpsonding breakout sessions, which in turn led to five offshoot breakout sessions.

The abstracts presented here first describe the four topic introduction talks, as well as a fifth, cross-cutting topic talk on bringin proteomics data into clinical trials. These talk abstracts are followed by one abstract each per breakout session, documenting that breakout's discussion and outcomes.

An Executive Summary is also provided, which details the overall seminar structure, the relationship between the breakout sessions and topics, and the most important conclusions for the four topic-derived breakouts.

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Keywords: computational biology, computational mass spectrometry, proteomics
Seminar: Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 9, Issue 8
Issue date: 2019
Date of publication: 20.12.2019

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