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Balthasar, Anne

Equilibrium Tracing in Bimatrix Games

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We analyze the relations of the van den Elzen-Talman algorithm, the Lemke-Howson algorithm and the global Newton method introduced by Govindan and Wilson. It is known that the global Newton method encompasses the Lemke-Howson algorithm; we prove that it also comprises the van den Elzen-Talman algorithm, and more generally, the linear tracing procedure, as a special case. This will lead us to a discussion of traceability of equilibria of index +1. We answer negatively the open question of whether, generically, the van den Elzen-Talman algorithm is flexible enough to trace all equilibria of index +1.

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Keywords: Bimatrix games, Equilibrium computation, Homotopy methods, Index
Seminar: 07471 - Equilibrium Computation
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 04.06.2008

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