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Cerioli, Maura ; Dell'Amico, Matteo

Injecting Distribution in CASL

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We present a first attempt at the development of a library in the specification language Casl providing primitives to represent connectivity and communication in a distributed system. The focus, in particular, is on peer-to-peer, which presents more challanges than the client-server paradigm, because of the higher degree of anarchy and the large amount of middleware providing similar but different features in support of it. From our experience on the definition of this library, we draw some methodological lessons on how to deal with the capture of complex software systems, as opposite to classical libraries representing standard or mathematical datatypes.

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Keywords: P2P, CASL, algebraic specification language, specification library
Seminar: 05081 - Foundations of Global Computing
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 31.01.2006

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