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Gangemi, Aldo ; Lehmann, Jos ; Catenacci, Carola

Norms and plans as unification criteria for social collectives

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Based on the formal-ontological paradigm of Constructive Descriptions and Situations, we propose a definition of social collectives that includes social agents, plans, norms, and the conceptual relations between them. We also propose a typology of social collectives, including collection of agents, knowledge community, intentional collective, and intentional normative collective. Our ontology, represented as a first-order theory, provides the expressivity to talk about the contexts (social, informational, circumstantial, and epistemic), in which collectives make and produce sense

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Keywords: Formal Ontology, Constructivism, Social Entities, Semantic Web
Seminar: 07122 - Normative Multi-agent Systems
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 12.03.2007

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