A Framework for Dynamic Parameterized Dictionary Matching

Authors Arnab Ganguly, Wing-Kai Hon, Rahul Shah

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Arnab Ganguly
Wing-Kai Hon
Rahul Shah

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Arnab Ganguly, Wing-Kai Hon, and Rahul Shah. A Framework for Dynamic Parameterized Dictionary Matching. In 15th Scandinavian Symposium and Workshops on Algorithm Theory (SWAT 2016). Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs), Volume 53, pp. 10:1-10:14, Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik (2016)


Two equal-length strings S and S' are a parameterized-match (p-match) iff there exists a one-to-one function that renames the characters in S to those in S'. Let P be a collection of d patterns of total length n characters that are chosen from an alphabet Sigma of cardinality sigma. The task is to index P such that we can support the following operations. * search(T): given a text T, report all occurrences <j,P_i> such that there exists a pattern P_i in P that is a p-match with the substring T[j,j+|P_i|-1]. * ins(P_i)/del(P_i): modify the index when a pattern P_i is inserted/deleted. We present a linear-space index that occupies O(n*log n) bits and supports (i) search(T) in worst-case O(|T|*log^2 n + occ) time, where occ is the number of occurrences reported, and (ii) ins(P_i) and del(P_i) in amortized O(|P_i|*polylog(n)) time. Then, we present a succinct index that occupies (1+o(1))n*log sigma + O(d*log n) bits and supports (i) search(T) in worst-case O(|T|*log^2 n + occ) time, and (ii) ins(P_i) and del(P_i) in amortized O(|P_i|*polylog(n)) time. We also present results related to the semi-dynamic variant of the problem, where deletion is not allowed.
  • Parameterized Dictionary Indexing
  • Generalized Suffix Tree
  • Succinct Data Structures
  • Sparsification


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