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Bleakley, Chris ; Clerckx, Tom ; Devos, Harald ; Grumer, Matthias ; Janek, Alex ; Kremer, Ulrich ; Probst, Christian W. ; Stanley-Marbell, Phillip ; Steger, Christian ; Venkatachalam, Vasanth ; Wendt, Manuel

07041 Working Group -- Towards Interfaces for Integrated Performance and Power Analysis and Simulation

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In the design and optimization of power-aware computing systems, it is often desired to estimate power consumption at various levels of abstraction, e.g., at the transistor, gate, RTL, behavioral or transaction levels. Tools for power estimation at these different levels of abstraction require specialized expertise, e.g., understanding of device physics for circuit-level power estimation, and as such are necessarily developed by different research communities. In the optimization of complete platforms however, it is desired to be able to obtain aggregate power and performance estimates for the different components of a system, and this requires the ability to model the system at a mixture of levels of abstraction. One approach to enabling such cross-abstraction modeling, is to define a mechanism for interchange of data between tools at different layers of abstraction, for both static analysis and simulation-based studies. This document presents preliminary discussions on the requirements of such an interface.

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Keywords: Power Estimation Tools, Simulation, Tool Interfaces
Collection: 07041 - Power-aware Computing Systems
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 30.07.2007

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