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Doberkat, Ernst-Erich ; Kurz, Alexander

09502 Abstracts Collection -- Coalgebraic Logics

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The seminar dealt with recent developments in the emerging area of coalgebraic logic and was the first Dagstuhl seminar on that topic. Coalgebraic logic is a branch of logic which studies coalgebras as models of systems and their logics. It can be seen as generalising and extending the classical theory of modal logic to more general models of systems than labelled transition systems. Traditionally, modal logics find their use when reasoning about behavioural and temporal properties of computation and communication, whereas coalgebras give a uniform account for a large class of different systems.
The seminar discussed foundational topics in a particular branch of logic, so problems which command a direct application in an industrial context were outside the seminar's scope. We expect, however, that specification methods related to coalgebraic logics will enter fields like model checking and other areas of industrial interest, once the mathematical foundations in this
area are firmer and better understood.

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Keywords: Modal logics, coalgebras, bisimulation and behavioral equivalence, relations, Markov transition systems
Collection: 09502 - Coalgebraic Logics
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 21.01.2010

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