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Storjohann, Arne

Notes on computing minimal approximant bases

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We show how to transform the problem of computing solutions
to a classical Hermite Pade approximation problem for an input
vector of dimension $m imes 1$, arbitrary degree constraints
$(n_1,n_2,ldots,n_m)$, and order $N := (n_1 + 1) + cdots +
(n_m + 1) - 1$, to that of computing a minimal approximant
basis for a matrix of dimension $O(m) imes O(m)$, uniform
degree constraint $Theta(N/m)$, and order $Theta(N/m)$.

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Keywords: Hermite Pade approximation, minimal approximant bases
Collection: 06271 - Challenges in Symbolic Computation Software
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 25.10.2006

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