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Schöning, Uwe ; Torán, Jacobo

A note on the size of Craig Interpolants

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Mundici considered the question of whether the interpolant of two propositional formulas of the form $F ightarrow G$ can always have a short circuit description, and showed that if this is the case then every problem in NP $cap$ co-NP would have polynomial size circuits. In this note we observe further consequences of the interpolant having short circuit descriptions, namely that UP $subseteq$ P$/$poly, and that every single valued NP function has a total extension in FP$/$poly. We also relate this question with other Complexity Theory assumptions.

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Keywords: Interpolant, non-uniform complexity
Collection: 06451 - Circuits, Logic, and Games
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 23.04.2007

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