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Instant topological relationships hidden in the reality



In most applications of general topology, topology usually is not the first, primary structure, but the information which finally leads to the construction of the certain, for some purpose required topology, is filtered by more or less thick filter of the other mathematical structures. This fact has two main consequences: (1) Most important applied constructions may be done in the primary structure, bypassing the topology. (2) Some topologically important information from the reality may be lost (filtered out by the other, front-end mathematical structures). Thus some natural and direct connection between topology and the reality could be useful. In this contribution we will discuss a pointless topological structure which directly reflects relationship between various locations which are glued together by possible presence of a physical object or a virtual ``observer".

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Keywords: Pointless topology, reality
Seminar: 06341 - Computational Structures for Modelling Space, Time and Causality
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 26.02.2007

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