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Uniqueness of Optimal Mod 3 Circuits for Parity



We prove that the quadratic polynomials modulo $3$
with the largest correlation with parity are unique up to
permutation of variables and constant factors. As a consequence of
our result, we completely characterize the smallest
MAJ~$circ mbox{MOD}_3 circ {
m AND}_2$ circuits that compute parity, where a
MAJ~$circ mbox{MOD}_3 circ {
m AND}_2$ circuit is one that has a
majority gate as output, a middle layer of MOD$_3$ gates and a
bottom layer of AND gates of fan-in $2$. We
also prove that the sub-optimal circuits exhibit a stepped behavior:
any sub-optimal circuits of this class that compute parity
must have size at least a factor of $frac{2}{sqrt{3}}$ times the
optimal size. This verifies, for the special case of $m=3$,
two conjectures made
by Due~{n}ez, Miller, Roy and Straubing (Journal of Number Theory, 2006) for general MAJ~$circ mathrm{MOD}_m circ
m AND}_2$ circuits for any odd $m$. The correlation
and circuit bounds are obtained by studying the associated
exponential sums, based on some of the techniques developed
by Green (JCSS, 2004). We regard this as a step towards
obtaining tighter bounds both for the $m
ot = 3$ quadratic
case as well as for
higher degrees.

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Keywords: Circuit complexity, correlations, exponential sums
Seminar: 07411 - Algebraic Methods in Computational Complexity
Issue date: 2008
Date of publication: 15.01.2008

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