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A Framework for Normative MultiAgent Organisations



The social and organisational aspects of agency have led to a good amount of theoretical work in terms of formal models and theories. From these different works normative multiagent systems and multiagent organisations are particularily considered in this paper. Embodying such models and theories in the conception and engineering of proper infrastructures that achieve requirements of openness and adaptation, is still an open issue. In this direction, this paper presents and discusses a framework for normative multiagent organisations. Based on the Agents and Artifacts meta-model (A&A), it introduces organisational artifacts as first class entities to instrument the normative organisation for supporting agents activities within it.

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Keywords: Normative system, organisation, artifacts, norm enforcement
Seminar: 09121 - Normative Multi-Agent Systems
Issue date: 2009
Date of publication: 11.03.2009

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