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A characterization of the Taylor expansion of lambda-terms



The Taylor expansion of lambda-terms, as introduced by Ehrhard and Regnier, expresses a lambda-term as a series of multi-linear terms, called simple terms, which capture bounded computations. Normal forms of Taylor expansions give a notion of infinitary normal forms, refining the notion of Böhm trees in a quantitative setting.
We give the algebraic conditions over a set of normal simple terms which characterize the property of being the normal form of the Taylor expansion of a lambda-term. From this full completeness result, we give further conditions which semantically describe normalizable and total lambda-terms.

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Keywords: Lambda-Calculus, Böhm trees, Differential Lambda-Calculus, Linear Logic
Seminar: Computer Science Logic 2013 (CSL 2013)
Issue date: 2013
Date of publication: 02.09.2013

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