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Polyline Simplification has Cubic Complexity



In the classic polyline simplification problem we want to replace a given polygonal curve P, consisting of n vertices, by a subsequence P' of k vertices from P such that the polygonal curves P and P' are "close". Closeness is usually measured using the Hausdorff or Fréchet distance. These distance measures can be applied globally, i.e., to the whole curves P and P', or locally, i.e., to each simplified subcurve and the line segment that it was replaced with separately (and then taking the maximum). We provide an O(n^3) time algorithm for simplification under Global-Fréchet distance, improving the previous best algorithm by a factor of Omega(kn^2). We also provide evidence that in high dimensions cubic time is essentially optimal for all three problems (Local-Hausdorff, Local-Fréchet, and Global-Fréchet). Specifically, improving the cubic time to O(n^{3-epsilon} poly(d)) for polyline simplification over (R^d,L_p) for p = 1 would violate plausible conjectures. We obtain similar results for all p in [1,infty), p != 2. In total, in high dimensions and over general L_p-norms we resolve the complexity of polyline simplification with respect to Local-Hausdorff, Local-Fréchet, and Global-Fréchet, by providing new algorithms and conditional lower bounds.

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Keywords: Polyline simplification, Fréchet distance, Hausdorff distance, Conditional lower bounds
Seminar: 35th International Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG 2019)
Issue date: 2019
Date of publication: 11.06.2019

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