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Gyftodimos, Elias ; Flach, Peter A.

Combining Bayesian Networks with Higher-Order Data Representations

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This paper introduces Higher-Order Bayesian Networks, a probabilistic reasoning formalism which combines the efficient reasoning mechanisms of Bayesian Networks with the expressive power of higher-order logics. We discuss how the proposed graphical model is used in order to define a probability distribution semantics over particular families of higher-order terms. We give an example of the application of our method on the Mutagenesis domain, a popular dataset from the Inductive Logic Programming community, showing how we employ probabilistic inference and model learning for the construction of a probabilistic classifier based on Higher-Order Bayesian Networks.

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Keywords: Probabilistic reasoning, graphical models
Seminar: 05051 - Probabilistic, Logical and Relational Learning - Towards a Synthesis
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 19.01.2006

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