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Complexity of Coverability in Depth-Bounded Processes



We consider the class of depth-bounded processes in π-calculus. These processes are the most expressive fragment of π-calculus, for which verification problems are known to be decidable. The decidability of the coverability problem for this class has been achieved by means of well-quasi orders. (Meyer, IFIP TCS 2008; Wies, Zufferey and Henzinger, FoSSaCS 2010). However, the precise complexity of this problem has not been known so far, with only a known EXPSPACE-lower bound.
In this paper, we prove that coverability for depth-bounded processes is 𝐅_ε₀-complete, where 𝐅_ε₀ is a class in the fast-growing hierarchy of complexity classes. This solves an open problem mentioned by Haase, Schmitz, and Schnoebelen (LMCS, Vol 10, Issue 4) and also addresses a question raised by Wies, Zufferey and Henzinger (FoSSaCS 2010).

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Keywords: π-calculus, Depth-bounded processes, Fast-growing complexity classes
Seminar: 33rd International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2022)
Issue date: 2022
Date of publication: 06.09.2022

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