SCOR 2014 May 2–4, 2014 - Nottingham, UK

4th Student Conference on Operational Research

Pedro Crespo Del Granado and Martim Joyce-Moniz and Stefan Ravizza (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-939897-67-5, OASICS Vol. 37 ISSN 2190-6807
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  • Akbari, Vahid
  • Bendík, Ján
  • Ceselli, Alberto
  • Chahed, Salma
  • Chaussalet, Thierry
  • Crespo Del Granado, Pedro
  • Crone, Sven F.
  • Dickson, Alex
  • Gelmini, Alberto
  • Joyce-Moniz, Martim
  • Katsiampa, Paraskevi
  • Kunz, Timo P.
  • Mesgarpour, Mohsen
  • Qazi, Abroon
  • Quigley, John
  • Ravizza, Stefan
  • Righini, Giovanni
  • Salman, Sibel
  • Stutzki, Jan
  • Taverna, Andrea
  • Varlas, Georgios
  • Vidalis, Michael

    Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization
    Authors: Crespo Del Granado, Pedro ; Joyce-Moniz, Martim ; Ravizza, Stefan

    Abstract | Document (320 KB) | BibTeX

    A Novel Framework for Quantification of Supply Chain Risks
    Authors: Qazi, Abroon ; Quigley, John ; Dickson, Alex

    Abstract | Document (1,325 KB) | BibTeX

    Multilingual Trend Detection in the Web
    Authors: Stutzki, Jan

    Abstract | Document (551 KB) | BibTeX

    Solving the p-median location problem with the Erlenkotter approach in public service system design
    Authors: Bendík, Ján

    Abstract | Document (598 KB) | BibTeX

    A new approach to modelling nonlinear time series: Introducing the ExpAR-ARCH and ExpAR-GARCH models and applications
    Authors: Katsiampa, Paraskevi

    Abstract | Document (830 KB) | BibTeX

    Coordinating push and pull flows in a lost sales stochastic supply chain
    Authors: Varlas, Georgios ; Vidalis, Michael

    Abstract | Document (449 KB) | BibTeX

    Mathematical Programming bounds for Large-Scale Unit Commitment Problems in Medium-Term Energy System Simulations
    Authors: Ceselli, Alberto ; Gelmini, Alberto ; Righini, Giovanni ; Taverna, Andrea

    Abstract | Document (514 KB) | BibTeX

    A Model-Based Heuristic to the Min Max K-Arc Routing for Connectivity Problem
    Authors: Akbari, Vahid ; Salman, Sibel

    Abstract | Document (1,200 KB) | BibTeX

    A Review of Dynamic Bayesian Network Techniques with Applications in Healthcare Risk Modelling
    Authors: Mesgarpour, Mohsen ; Chaussalet, Thierry ; Chahed, Salma

    Abstract | Document (394 KB) | BibTeX

    Demand models for the static retail price optimization problem - A Revenue Management perspective
    Authors: Kunz, Timo P. ; Crone, Sven F.

    Abstract | Document (399 KB) | BibTeX


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