No. Title Author Year
1 Communication Complexity with Defective Randomness Ball, Marshall et al. 2021
2 Robustly Self-Ordered Graphs: Constructions and Applications to Property Testing Goldreich, Oded et al. 2021
3 Every Set in P Is Strongly Testable Under a Suitable Encoding Dinur, Irit et al. 2018
4 Simple Doubly-Efficient Interactive Proof Systems for Locally-Characterizable Sets Goldreich, Oded et al. 2018
5 The Subgraph Testing Model Goldreich, Oded et al. 2018
6 On Randomness Extraction in AC0 Goldreich, Oded et al. 2015
7 Strong Locally Testable Codes with Relaxed Local Decoders Goldreich, Oded et al. 2015
8 On Multiple Input Problems in Property Testing Goldreich, Oded 2014
9 Approximating Average Parameters of Graphs Goldreich, Oded et al. 2006
10 Contemplations on Testing Graph Properties Goldreich, Oded 2006
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