No. Title Author Year
1 A Framework for In-place Graph Algorithms Chakraborty, Sankardeep et al. 2018
2 Biconnectivity, Chain Decomposition and st-Numbering Using O(n) Bits Chakraborty, Sankardeep et al. 2016
3 Fréchet Distance Between a Line and Avatar Point Set Banik, Aritra et al. 2016
4 Parameterized Algorithms on Perfect Graphs for Deletion to (r,l)-Graphs Kolay, Sudeshna et al. 2016
5 Kernels for Structural Parameterizations of Vertex Cover - Case of Small Degree Modulators Majumdar, Diptapriyo et al. 2015
6 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Raman, Venkatesh et al. 2014
7 LIPIcs, Volume 29, FSTTCS'14, Complete Volume Raman, Venkatesh et al. 2014
8 LP can be a cure for Parameterized Problems Narayanaswamy, N.S. et al. 2012
9 Beyond Bidimensionality: Parameterized Subexponential Algorithms on Directed Graphs Dorn, Frederic et al. 2010
10 The effect of girth on the kernelization complexity of Connected Dominating Set Misra, Neeldhara et al. 2010
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