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1 Graph Coloring via Degeneracy in Streaming and Other Space-Conscious Models Bera, Suman K. et al. 2020
2 Streaming Verification for Graph Problems: Optimal Tradeoffs and Nonlinear Sketches Chakrabarti, Amit et al. 2020
3 Streaming Verification of Graph Computations via Graph Structure Chakrabarti, Amit et al. 2019
4 Towards Tighter Space Bounds for Counting Triangles and Other Substructures in Graph Streams Bera, Suman K. et al. 2017
5 A Depth-Five Lower Bound for Iterated Matrix Multiplication Bera, Suman K. et al. 2015
6 On Density, Threshold and Emptiness Queries for Intervals in the Streaming Model Bishnu, Arijit et al. 2015
7 Verifiable Stream Computation and Arthur–Merlin Communication Chakrabarti, Amit et al. 2015
8 Certifying Equality With Limited Interaction Brody, Joshua et al. 2014
9 Sublinear Communication Protocols for Multi-Party Pointer Jumping and a Related Lower Bound Brody, Joshua et al. 2008
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