No. Title Author Year
1 Engineering Fused Lasso Solvers on Trees Kuthe, Elias et al. 2020
2 Fast Lightweight Accurate Xenograft Sorting Zentgraf, Jens et al. 2020
3 Spalter: A Meta Machine Learning Approach to Distinguish True DNA Variants from Sequencing Artefacts Hartmann, Till et al. 2018
4 Analysis of Min-Hashing for Variant Tolerant DNA Read Mapping Quedenfeld, Jens et al. 2017
5 Aligning Flowgrams to DNA Sequences Martin, Marcel et al. 2013
6 PanCake: A Data Structure for Pangenomes Ernst, Corinna et al. 2013
7 Building and Documenting Workflows with Python-Based Snakemake Köster, Johannes et al. 2012
8 Designing q-Unique DNA Sequences with Integer Linear Programs and Euler Tours in De Bruijn Graphs D'Addario, Marianna et al. 2012
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